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Latest Trends in GPS

TomTom GPS [Courtesy: TomTom]
Emerging trends in GPS suggest that GPS is not just for directions anymore. By being aware of the whereabouts of people, places and things, GPS technology is spawning a whole new breed of applications around navigation and tracking. These apps are pointing the way to creative GPS trends in areas such as location awareness, safety and security. [MORE...]

GPS Navigation | Tracking | Location Awareness
Bracketron Mat II portable GPS dash mount Mobile phone with GPS
Direction Tracking

GPS Is Not Just For Directions Anymore

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Trends In GPS

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PND with NXP GPS software [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto/NXP Software]

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GPS Navigation
TomTom GPS
GPS navigation has arrived, fast becoming how we get from here to there. If GPS is not in your vehicle, it is likely on your mobile phone to provide turn-by-turn directions. Some day soon, asking for driving or walking directions will be so yesterday. [MORE...]

GPS Tracking
GPS tracking of people and things has opened up a vast array of possibilities for safety, security and several management applications. With GPS chips being embedded in consumer electronics, it is only a matter of time before GPS becomes a foregone conclusion in everyday life.

[MORE...] | GPS For Vehicle Tracking | GPS For Kids

Location Awareness
Mobile phone with GPS
The promise of location awareness GPS lies in the remarkable ability to automatically use your GPS coordinates to match your current location to likely points of interest near you. A growing list of location-aware apps are mapping the way to a host of GPS-enabled trends. [MORE...]

GPS Is Not Just For Directions Anymore
Exciting trends in GPS are in the making. Evolving from the growing convergence of GPS technology and consumer products, there are strong indications that GPS is everywhere - or soon will be.

Getting From Here To There

Bracketron [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto]
Once the private preserve of luxury car owners, GPS-based navigation gadgets are now showing the rest of us how to get from here to there.

Turn-by-turn directions are coming from a medley of personal navigation devices ranging from vehicle dashboard-mounted GPS receivers, cell phones, wrist watches, cameras and more.

But even before navigation applications kick into high gear, it is becoming increasingly clear that GPS is not just for directions anymore.

Where's Johnny?

If GPS can find places, surely it can find people and things too. Once a novel idea, using GPS as a people finder is powering up several useful tracking applications while raising some issues and concerns about privacy and abuse.

It's six o'clock, do you know where your child is? There's an app for that, right on your GPS mobile phone.

If grandma with Alzheimer's wandered off and can't find her way home, pinpointing her location using GPS technology is no longer science fiction; the GPS tracking module embedded in her smart shoes knows where she is.

What's Near Me?

So GPS showed you how to get to the new mall and you did not even have to fumble through any paper maps. And GPS helped you find your car when you could not remember where you parked it at the new mall. Now what else can GPS do for you? How about location-based services, one of the hottest trends in GPS.

Mobile Application [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto]
Your GPS app knows where you are. It knows what you are likely to be interested in, based on what you told your GPS about your interests and where you've been in the past.

Now your location-aware GPS app can tell you what's nearby that might interest you. No sense driving halfway across town in that gas guzzler when your favorite restaurant is right around the corner.

To be sure, consumer GPS is in its infancy. But as GPS gadgets get smaller, consume less power, provide faster searches and better detect weak signals blocked by structures, accurate real-time GPS performance should produce an even richer consumer experience.

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